"Regardless of how technically proficient you become, you'll never touch us with something you don't genuinely feel in the first place.  There's no point pretending.  We'll see right through you; there's no question about that.

The instant you step out in front of an audience it immediately grasps the state of your inner life; it's impossible to conceal it.  As performers, we're faced with several crucial problems:  What is the soul?  What does it long for?  What are these spirits who inhabit our bodies trying to tell us?"

"Inevitably, what these spirits desperately need to tell us reveals itself both in our day-to-day lives and in our performances.  Because those spirits are so desperate to convey their feelings, they do so without the slightest restraint.  At times, it's almost as though they're begging us, 'Please, please, look.  Keep in mind though, that unless you visibly tear yourself apart, we won't understand what those spirits in you are trying to say."
-Kazuo Ohno  1907-2010     

From 'Kazuo Ohno's World -from without and within'

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