Hi all, 

This story was the first thing that came to my mind when we spoke of the theme of a house/home. It is written from one of the most famous (and my favorite) Latin American writer, Julio Cortazar. 

Feel free to take a peak and maybe discover, as I did, its echoes and undertones. 
Here are some of the ones I found: 

- Characters are prisoners in their own home
- Characters find solace in a repetitive, purposeless task, and their dreams
- They occupy and preserve the ancestors' house, but do not own the space.    
- Many rooms are empty and accumulate filth that inevitably comes from the outside 
- Strangers/ a strange force starts to "possess" the house little by little, leaving them with "nothing"

Hope you enjoy it.  Spanish speaking ladies sho 

2/22/2013 16:00:31

Thank you, this was beautiful but who posted this? :)

Irina Bellyrina
2/27/2013 14:28:01

It seems like we can access it online:


2/19/2015 00:30:19

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song minh
3/28/2016 15:17:45

but who are the strangers? i read it like 4 times and all i can imagine of is alien..


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