We had a lovely post-Nemo brunch at Yerba's on Perry St. with Christian, Maria Estefania, Hiram, Irina and myself.  We began by sharing star (zodiac) signs and repeating dreams with one another.  Please send either Irina or myself your star sign, those aspects of your star sign that particularly resonate with you, and any repeating dreams you have had in your life!

In a sense we are all houseguests in this project, temporarily occupying time and space together.  But as ephemeral as this may be, we would like you to be really invested in this project, as if it were your own.  With that in mind, we would also like to set the table with the following:

There are three broad themes we will investigate.  We do not necessarily aim to create an obvious narrative or to arrive at any deductions.  It will be a piece about our collective conscience as it exists in this particular moment in time.  It will be about process as much as result.  I have this persistent idea that there is a constant element always present onstage.  At this time, it is a person sitting at a table eating soup.  

First theme:  Awakening.  One's deep yearning or desire in life, yet thwarted, suffocated by the quotidian, by machine-daily life.  This piece is about the search for some kind of communion, or union, with some kind of Ideal.  Love?  Peace?  Enlightenment?  Converse to the idea of awakening is the idea of Sleep and all its cousins: sleepwalking, dreams, hibernation and more.

Second theme:  The Invisible.  Ghosts, the Past, energies unseen (gravity?) but that wield inexorable forces upon us.  The idea that multiple realities exist and occupy the same space, in the same moment, throughout time.
Third theme:  Lamentation.  A longing for.  To grieve.  To recognize what has been lost, to honor those no longer with us bodily.  Perhaps antithetical to lament are feelings of joy, harmony, peace.

Two recurring motifs that will support these themes throughout are the Animal and the House.

Animal.  I would like for us to work on the Bear and perhaps the Raven.  It is unclear whether we will work on both animals or that some will work on one animal but not the other.  If you have a deep connection or preference, let us know.  The idea behind the animal work is to investigate going back to "original" nature, "original" body, whatever that may mean.  Back to the Animal, to those instincts that we have lost, back to mystery.  Maria noted how with her pregnancy a host of senses have come alive - for example, she can walk down a street and distinguish the very ingredients in food she smells!  The Bear is also a totem of power, of liminality, a bridge to other worlds.  So not just a return to something original and animal but maybe transcending something entirely new.  Also, it's ability to hibernate is fascinating science as well as potent metaphor.  Dreams, stasis, waiting....

House.  Who is the owner of a house?  What is Home?  What are the connotations you have for the word, "houseguest"?  Are you the owner or a guest in this life?
We'll send links and attachments in the coming days of other influences but we want you to start a similar process of gathering materials using this blog post as a catalyst:  lend us your thoughts, send us your ideas, your dreams.  Some other elements that will help shape the aesthetics and the content of our piece include:

the films and writings of Andrey Tarkovsky
flamenco and the concept of duende
and russian winnie the pooh!

We are hoping to put this up sometime in May and are looking for dates and spaces.  To accommodate schedules, we will propose "housework" assignments, focused rehearsals in the beginning, and larger rehearsals with full crew later when necessary.  We'd also like to have two longer workshops during the process, focusing on bellydance and butoh for all the houseguests.  At this point, we believe the project will consist of five or six pieces (with elements that will run simultaneously) totaling about 50 minutes to an hour.  We've also been selected to show a 15 minute excerpt at the Flea Theater in June as part of a festival featuring dance choreography!

Please blog your comments on this page and send us links, images, and text that you would like to see on this site via email:


So, drop off your things and make yourself at home.  There are fresh towels and linens, soup's on, and, yes, the house is really haunted.


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