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I’ve been thinking about “thinks to yell” during a bullfight.  My friends from Spain, like me, are not familiar with the topic and can’t think of anything beyond “olé” and “torero”.  I guess we’re too young and postmodern.

I tried to ask my spiritual grandmother from Spain who I’m sure knows everything about it, but she is convalescing with cancer and in too much pain to speak today.  I hope I can speak to her soon, she is so full of stories about her youth in Spain… She migrated to Uruguay during the Spanish Civil war, shipped herself across the ocean when she was 18 years old.  She'd beat both the bull and the bull fighter any day of the week... though maybe not today. 

However, I researched online and found some interesting concepts:

Trapío: Elegance and demeanor of a bull, also physical traits, that make it suitable for a bull fight.

Matador de toros:  Maximum rank in the “bullfight” arena. Not all bullfighters are “Matadores” (killers) and this is only achieved after a sophisticated rite of passage.

Styles and origin: Bullfighting has its roots in one of humanities’ most ancient rites: battles with animals. Romans spread the use of these… celebrations? and used the animals typical to the conquered territories in question: Bulls in Spain, France etc., but also tigers and bears in other places.

The “Basque” style has more flags and more jumps. The “Andaluz” style introduced figures and sophistication with the cape (link with flamenco & bellydance?)  This style prevailed.

During the XVII Century the “Rondeño” style centered the spectacle in the bull’s death, killing the bull while he’s feisty and still has plenty of energy.  The “Seville” style focused on dexterity with the cape, and the death of the bull was a means to the bullfighter’s display of skill. Longer fights, exhausted bulls.  The XXth Century combines these styles.

“Suerte de recibir”:  Killing the bull as he runs towards you.

“Volapie”: Running towards the bull to kill it with a sword.  Used on tired bulls.  Famous bull fighters died attempting it.

Hope to have some tauromaquia fun stuff to yell with you soon,


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